How love happened over Marco Polo

Four months from now, do you see yourself swept away in a romance that began on Marco Polo – two strangers brought together by a chance introduction?

Preston and Sydnee certainly didn’t. And yet, that’s exactly what happened.

Preston: It was kinda comical when my friend, Abby, claimed to have met my future wife. She’s in Utah. I’m in Reno. Even logistically it sounded beyond unlikely.

But she urged me to reach out over Marco Polo promising, I’d thank her later.

Honestly, I had only used Marco Polo a handful of times. But hey, why not Polo with a totally random girl.

I was super nervous. And pretty sure I looked a hundred percent awkward. I said something like, “Heeeeeyy, Sydnee. I don’t know you, but you know Abby. What’s up?”

I’m still shocked that she replied.

Preston and Sydnee, beach

Sydnee: When Abby suggested I connect with Preston, I was like, “Sure. Whatever.” I didn’t have high hopes.

After watching his Polo, I had to respond. He was awkward in a totally endearing way. Clearly he’s weird with social media. I could tell that he didn’t even know where to point the camera.

His next Polo was really long. I thought, “OK. This could work. We’re both long-winded.”

Preston: We hit it off. We were talking every day, and leaving super-long Polos at night. I just kept thinking, Wow, this girl is amazing.

Sydnee: Whenever a notification came up saying, “Preston is watching,” or “Preston is talking to you,” I got excited. Seeing his name pop up made me happy. It was nice to know he was watching and responding. It felt like he cared. He was interested.

Preston: After about two weeks, we decided to meet in person. I drove to Utah. I remember walking up to her parent’s house. It was the classic front door scene. My head was spinning: Do I look OK? Are my teeth clean? How’s my hair?

Then Syd opened the door. She looked beautiful. Her whole family was there. No pressure. Right?

But it went really well.

Preston, Sydnee, and dog

Sydnee: I’d never gotten to know someone over Marco Polo. I was a little nervous about his visit, to be honest.

Plus, I worried there might be all this pressure to fall in love.

I had a bit of a panic attack. Oh no! I’m about to meet this guy I told a lot of really personal things to. We’ve never met in person. And he’s about to show up at my house to meet my entire family.

For me, it was a little awkward. But that changed.

Preston: It was our second trip that sealed the deal. We tried to go to Yosemite. But those plans got totally botched. So, we rerouted to Tahoe. What could have been an epic failure, turned out to be a blast.

After that trip, I started thinking, “What if this keeps going great?”

Sydnee: It did! And we knew pretty quickly that we wanted to get married. It seemed fast to others, but not to us.

Preston and Sydnee, water

Preston: After we set a date, I began compiling our Polos. In just three months we had over 830 Polos and 50 hours archived. Our relationship had all been captured on Marco Polo.

I gathered the most memorable, adding the final Polo in this journey – the moment I asked Syd to marry me, at sunrise on a mountaintop.

It’s a moment, and a journey, we will never forget – one we will have a lifetime to relive and share with friends and family.

We will always smile knowing our love happened over an app.

8 thoughts on “How love happened over Marco Polo

    1. Jan, we hope for your hopes! <3 Thanks for reading, and we hope Marco Polo is helping you get in touch, and stay in touch, with the people who matter most to you.

  1. This is a beautiful story and I wish Sydnee and Preston a lifetime and a couple of forevers of love, peace, joy and happiness together!! I see where you said that this is a dating app…..I tried to find the information for it but I didn’t see it. Am I missing something?

    1. Hi Shawanna – We love this story too! Thanks for your question. Marco Polo is not a dating app, it’s a video communication app that helps you stay in touch with the people who matter most to you. You can learn more and see demos of the wonderful ways people are using the app here:

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