Introducing Marco Polo Channels

We’re excited to share our latest venture, built on the trusted Marco Polo experience, to give coaches – from business experts to sleep trainers to chefs to life coaches – a new way to grow their businesses by creating a personalized, hassle-free way to connect with clients. Introducing Marco Polo Channels.

With more than 3 billion Polos sent, Marco Polo plays an important role in helping millions of people connect through face-to-face relationships, which are particularly vital to mental and physical well-being during this critical time of social distancing. And with millions of groups created on Marco Polo, we’ve also come to understand the needs of businesses and coaches who use Marco Polo for authentic conversations on their own time. What’s been missing up until this point is the opportunity to grow revenue and save time by offering a one-to many solution. 

“We know through our Marco Polo community that authentic communication is so important, not just in personal relationships but also in business,” says Vlada Bortnik, CEO and Co-Founder. “We’ve also heard a great demand for a simple solution that helps increase revenue, keep personal connections with clients, and not waste time doing so. We’ve designed Marco Polo Channels to give coaches a one-to-many platform that allows them to serve more clients without adding more time.”

One-to-many coaching on your time

Channels is a video-first coaching platform designed to expand business without increasing time investment, all while keeping personal connections with members. This seamless solution lets coaches engage on their own time and simplifies busy work so they can spend time doing just what they love. And for members and clients? Their desire for life improvement, exclusivity, or personal transformation becomes a reality. 

More about Channels…

  • It’s an app! With the simple, easy-to-use Channels mobile app, leaders can quickly create and post content on the go. It’s not live, so it works with your schedule.  
  • There’s no need for leaders to spend time or money producing and editing videos. Whether they’re offering a weekly lesson, a daily discussion topic, or a demo, posting content is as fast and straightforward as recording a Polo. 
  • Channels is a turnkey solution, with simple setup and hassle-free billing and membership management. The Channels Success Team provides support at every phase.

When Brittney Stefanic first started out as a sleep consultant, she found the demand for her services overwhelming. Now, with the help of Channels, the educator, founder of Sleeper Teachers, and leader of the Newborn Sleep Support Channel has moved beyond simply juggling her client load into a space where she can both fulfill her passion for teaching and focus on developing her company and growing her revenue. “I now have so much more freedom and flexibility to be the creative visionary behind the business,” she says.

Monetize expertise while building real connection

Whether they’re offering a fitness challenge, a business coaching series, or a painting class, Channels makes it easy for leaders to monetarily value their expertise, set their own price, and create authentic content for the life transformation that so many consumers are willing to pay for, and frankly expect, in 2020. 

And because there are no algorithms, there’s nothing standing between leaders’ content and their members. As one Channels leader shared, “My audience goes to the app, and they’re going for me. There’s nothing else taking away their attention.”

Teacher and watercolor artist Amarilys Henderson realized quickly that she had created a reliable alternative income stream with Channels, especially when she began moving her offline classes to online. With her Watercolor Devo Channel, she’s seeing a better ROI on her time with the opportunity to grow her business, adding, “I still provide a classroom experience using Channels. One student told me it turned out to be exactly what she needed.”

Wellness expert, educator, and business leader Dr. Lindsey Elmore set out to design a hands-on course for new internet entrepreneurs that would enable her to “go deep, both in terms of the expertise I provided, and the results that came out of participants.” As a teaching and communication platform, Channels gave Lindsey the right combination of structure, flexibility, and support for personalized face-to-face attention, with easy, streamlined group and class management on the back end. Channels also created a path for sustained revenue – after her first Brand Strategies Lab Channel wrapped up, nearly 100 percent of her participants signed on to her paid graduates Channels group.

Authentic and personal connections

“Come with an open mind to experimenting, making mistakes, experiencing rapid learning. Come with an open heart to feeling seen, heard, and loved,” said Sue Heilbronner and Leah Pearlman about their Inside Coaching Channel.

Unlike big social media platforms, Channel members learn and gain wisdom from inspiring and knowledgeable leaders in an immersive, private environment on Channels. Much like our sustainable business model with Marco Polo, Channels is trusted because we don’t sell user data, and members have direct access to leaders. And, unlike typical online courses, Channels makes it possible for leaders to help their clients apply their new skills. The beauty of it is that both parties can do it on their own time.

Author, speaker, life coach, and social unity/oneness practitioner Pamela Gray Daniel observed the ways in which recent events in the U.S. opened many people’s eyes to racial injustice. “You can no longer stay silent,” she says. “But what do you do, how do you start?” Pamela created the Coaching for Authentic Allyship Channel to help others build an ongoing allyship practice dedicated to social change, social justice, and social unity. And in contrast to her experience with social media, Channels is fostering a “safe and purely positive zone for participants to learn and grow.”

Get to know a few other great Marco Polo Channels leaders

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5 thoughts on “Introducing Marco Polo Channels

  1. Have you thought about a menu approach to subscription? The thing I miss the most about the original version is that I could record a Polo and share it to multiple people or groups, so I didnt have to record 10 videos. I have family groups, friend groups and individuals who Polo with me. I would gladly pay to add that feature to my free version.

    1. Hi Francy – Are you referring to the ability to forward a Polo, or are you saying that your groups are no longer working now that you have Plus? Just want to make sure I capture your suggestion correctly for our product team.

      1. I think she’s suggesting an a la carte option for the premium features. The current rate is a bit steep for me, but I’d consider paying a lower rate for just one or two of the premium features rather than paying for features that I will never use.

  2. I’m very interested in this feature. Is there someone at Marco Polo that I can speak with to better understand if the functionality can work for a large client group?

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