Building wellness businesses with Marco Polo Channels

For Dr. Lindsey Elmore, wellness is multi-faceted. While Lindsey has established herself as a major influencer in the realm of personal holistic health, she’s also passionate about helping other women achieve business success.

People think of me as an educator,” she says. “What they don’t understand is that underlying all of that, I run an education company that employs multiple people. And I’ve learned in the school of hard knocks what it takes to grow a business.”

With Marco Polo Channels, Lindsey discovered a convenient, flexible new platform that’s helping her give up-and-coming entrepreneurs the foundation they need to launch their ventures, all while saving time and growing her own business.

The challenge: Dive deep with low overhead

Over the years Lindsey has developed and fine-tuned a diverse content portfolio that both educates her audience and furthers her brand. She’s written books, hosts a podcast, maintains a blog, and provides individual and corporate coaching. People have watched and listened to more than 20 million minutes of her online educational offerings. Everything is accessible from the hub of her website,

Lindsey has also amassed more than 345,000 social media followers. But she points out that while it’s easy to present your face and your business on social media, getting people to purchase something requires much more legwork and clarity. What is your product really offering? Who is your ideal client, and why are you the person to lead them? How do you craft effective messaging that comes from your own authentic voice? That’s where her passion for business development comes in.

“Newer entrepreneurs think that websites just magically manifest themselves and that once you flip a switch on a website, you’re going to make a million dollars,” Lindsey says. “It just doesn’t happen that way.”

When Lindsey designed a next-level educational offering, she wanted to try something different: an in-depth course for newer internet entrepreneurs that would “go deep, both in terms of the expertise I provided, and the results that came out of participants,” Lindsey says.

The teaching platform she sought needed to foster and support personal interaction and individualized attention while also being flexible and easy for her to manage. Here’s where Channels fit perfectly.

The Brand Strategies Lab Channel

The Brand Strategies Lab Channel isn’t about tips and tricks. It’s a hands-on, highly individualized course that launches each graduate with her own comprehensive brand and marketing strategy. As one of the Channels with a higher price point, that personalized touch and specialized wisdom that Lindsey shares makes it an exceptional experience.  

Lindsey begins each week with an in-depth presentation and weekly assignment. Throughout the week there is group discussion, Q&A, and detailed feedback. Amid the structure, there’s also freedom; thanks to the asynchronous nature of Channels, Lindsey can post, and members can respond, when it’s convenient.

As she and her members proceed through the course, Lindsey takes detailed notes about every question, assignment, and issue that comes up so that she can formulate thorough responses for the benefit of the entire group. It can be labor-intensive, but that level of attention is what her members have come to expect.

“My Channel is much more in-depth than some other offerings,” Lindsey acknowledges. “It’s not like I’m popping on Monday saying, ‘Here’s your weekly challenge,’ and then checking in on Friday saying, ‘Hey, how’d you do?’ I am there every single day, Monday through Friday, listening to every single comment, digging deep into the core of what people’s brands are, and helping them propel themselves to the next level.”

When I coach individuals, that’s work I’m not doing to develop my own business. Channels is helping me create a strategy for taking what I did and turning it into an even more premium product.

Channels eduates members and creates avenues for leader growth

Lindsey ran her first Brand Strategies Lab Channel as a short-term, high-dollar intensive and then offered a graduates Channel. The conversion rate was nearly 100 percent. As graduates embark on the work of building their businesses, they get ongoing access to resources and expertise at a lower price point. Meanwhile, Lindsey taps into an ongoing revenue stream.      

Lindsey also invited a group of participants to train as future Brand Strategy Lab coaches, setting the stage for expansion without undue overhead. “When I coach individuals, that’s work I’m not doing to develop my own business. Channels is helping me create a strategy for taking what I did and turning it into an even more premium product.”

As a business leader helping to develop other business leaders, Lindsey loves that Channels provides so much flexibility “to adapt and to be nimble in creating multiple revenue streams with different levels of commitment on the leader’s part.” When developing their offerings, Channel leaders can develop and structure their Channel content based on both their audience’s needs and how much time they themselves can realistically commit – and then price their offerings accordingly.  

Lindsey’s top Channels features

#1. Ease of back-end management. Lindsey posts content, and members interact, using the standalone Channels app. But for tasks better suited to a bigger screen and a full keyboard – uploading files, composing landing page copy, generating coupons – Lindsey prefers using her laptop. “A lot of apps are built only for mobile. That’s not nearly as convenient for taking care of the big stuff.”  

#2. Support for member management. “On some other platforms, that process is just terrible. You end up having to manually run reports as members move in and out of the group. It takes a lot of time, and you can’t do it at scale.”

#3. Better social media. With Channels, Lindsey sees the positive impact of communicating face-to-face versus just messaging. But in a larger sense, Lindsey also believes that social media is changing and that Channels can play a key role in connecting leaders with their audiences in a way that isn’t diluted by outside interests. “I was very proud when I announced my Channel because I could tell people, ‘Yes, this is a platform you’re going to pay for because guess what? They’re not selling your data, they’re not going to be taking advantage of you, and they’re not going to show you ads.’ This is a place for voices who don’t want to buy into a media machine.”

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