Exploring authentic allyship with Marco Polo Channels

There is no better time than this current moment to foster honest dialogue about how to overcome the social and ideological challenges that keep the world divided. As a social unity and oneness practitioner, Pamela Gray Daniel has made it her life’s work to bring people together and do just that. 

In spring 2020, shortly after the publication of her book, Healing Our History and Co-Creating a Culture of Oneness, Pamela watched large-scale social change begin to unfold.

“More and more people began to wake up to the injustices and horrific challenges that our world has faced for a long time,” she says. “They might not have realized what our fellow human beings were experiencing. Their hearts compelled them toward action, but they weren’t sure what to do and felt ill-equipped to start.”

Using Marco Polo Channels as a coaching platform to deliver her message broadly yet personally, Pamela created a private, safe, judgment-free space where people get the training and support they need to start their journeys toward a sustained practice of authentic allyship.

Allyship: An active, consistent, and arduous practice of unlearning and re-evaluating, in which a person in a position of privilege and power seeks to operate in solidarity with a marginalized group ( In Pamela Gray Daniel’s work, authentic allyship is a oneness practice of equality centered on a joint effort to combine resources for mutual benefit and transform our world into a place that works for the highest good of all.

The challenge: Honor and share gifts without giving everything away

Pamela believed that there had never been a more crucial time to share her messages of unity and oneness on a large scale. But she wasn’t sure how.

Additionally, as someone who grew up in a strong faith-based volunteer community, Pamela hasn’t always found it comfortable to derive revenue from her social justice work.

“I spent a lot of time organizing, giving talks, and sharing content and information with people, and doing it for free. Sometimes I wore myself out,” she says. “I had to learn that my purpose for being is not secondary to the job I do for money – that instead, my purpose can be my job, and vice-versa. That was the challenge that I had to get over to begin to monetize.”

The Authentic Allyship Coaching Channel

Pamela already used Marco Polo extensively with people she coached one-on-one. When she learned about Marco Polo Channels, intuition pulled her to explore it as a group coaching platform. She saw its potential to create a space where she could guide people beyond just reacting to current events and circumstances and toward an ongoing practice of allyship.

She set up the Coaching for Authentic Allyship Channel as a self-paced course comprising two months’ worth of pre-recorded, 5-10 minute videos. Members can follow the series at their own pace and on their own time.  

Topics include defining authentic allyship; allyship versus “saviorship”; the roles of emotional intelligence, sympathy, and empathy in human interaction; breaking the division mindset and pursuing a oneness and unity mindset; and an exploration of what constitutes human value.

“When we look on the outside, we see that I’m brown, my hair is this way, and I’m shaped that way. And others have different physical expressions of being. In the face of those outward differences, how are we equal and connected? When we release ourselves from seeing only physical identifiers as indicators of value, we can discover where everyone’s value truly lies.”

In addition to posting the core video series, Pamela makes herself available to Channel members every day to answer questions and facilitate informal discussion about relevant real-life experiences, both her own and those of her members. When someone asks to go deeper into a topic, Channels gives Pamela the flexibility to jump on and say, ‘This question recently came up in the comments – let’s talk about it.’”

“In a lot of ways I see my Channel as a microcosm of what our world needs to be, where we’re able to share, offer feedback, ask questions, and have unifying conversations,” she says.

Channels offers the maximum return on Pamela’s gifts and energy

Channels has given Pamela an easy-to-use coaching platform, along with a means to generate revenue that’s in line with her values and her personal and professional style.

As the world adjusts to necessary new ways of connecting during the pandemic, Channels is a great alternative to in-person speaking engagements and workshops.

As a group platform, Channels is proving more effective than just word of mouth or social media plugs.  

Channels is helping Pamela value her gifts. “Those who are drawn to what I have to offer will invest in those gifts and remain dedicated because they’ve given of their time and money to be a part of this conversation. My members and I are all getting the maximum return for our gifts and energy.”

Pamela’s top Channels features

#1. Safety and control. Unlike on social media, there are no ads and no selling of member data, and Pamela maintains control of her content and her member lists. “My Channel is a safe and purely positive zone for members to learn and grow.”

#2. Flexibility in asynchronous communication. “When someone has an ‘Aha’ or ‘I’m not sure I understand this’ moment, it doesn’t have to be a real-time conversation to be effective. I’m able to respond when I’m free. Even if someone is on the other side of the globe, we can share, connect, and get to know each other on a deeper level because we’re not constrained by time.”

#3. Authenticity. “With Channels, the pressure’s off to be ‘on,’” Pamela says. “It’s not me in front of a green screen or in the perfect setting with great lighting and a scripted answer on hand. It is real, it is raw, and there are moments where we are challenged – but I don’t do any editing.”

#4. Face-to-face interaction. Because allyship coaching involves vulnerability and relationship-building, video creates a much richer experience than exchanging emails or a voicemail. “As an intuitive person, I like being able to look into someone’s eyes and feel the energy that’s coming through in their questions. It’s not like YouTube, where you’re just saying something in a one-sided way. It’s intimate, it’s personal, and it’s transformational.”

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