This self-made life coach shares secrets for health and wealth through Marco Polo Channels

Tracy Pleschourt

In 2015, stifled by the time-consuming, inflexible demands of the corporate world, Tracy Pleschourt traded in her 20-year career as an advertising executive to pursue her real passion: life and weight loss coaching. Today, through Self-Made U, Tracy mentors men and women across the United States who are motivated to achieve health and wealth.

Here’s what happened when Tracy added Marco Polo Channels to the toolkit for one of her signature courses, Stop Overeating Fast. Hint: The course made more money in the final month of 2020 than it made in the previous three months combined.

Seeking client connections with no distractions

“Self-coaching, or becoming self made, is the truest expression of self-care,” Tracy tells her clients.

To that end, Tracy offers three kinds of expert coaching: one-on-one consults, a monthly membership to her library of on-demand courses, and two 16-week live group coaching programs called Stop Overeating Fast and Self-Made Success.

When Tracy began looking for an authentic and convenient coaching platform to support her offline group work, she gravitated toward video. She recognized her strength in the medium and viewed it as the most efficient yet personal way to connect with her audience. Marco Polo’s unique video-on-your-own-time feature was most appealing. 

Tracy also wanted to avoid using social media for supplemental coaching. While she maintains a social media presence that includes a private Facebook group called The Student Union, she knew that ever-present ads and algorithms would ultimately distract from her course content.

“I wanted a platform that allowed me to be really present so that clients would see me, be reminded of me, and feel connected to me,” she says.

Daily learning and support over Marco Polo Channels

Channels helped Tracy build more structure and support into the Stop Overeating Fast program. Here’s how it works:

  • Every two months, Tracy welcomes a new class into her eight-week intensive.
  • Once a week, she teaches a core lesson live on Zoom. Then she posts short videos on Channels that build off the weekly lesson and support her clients’ daily goals. Examples might include a homework demo, an expert video from a physician she follows, or a quick strategy tip. She also posts the Zoom recordings for those who couldn’t make the live class.
  • Every new student gets a mentor with whom they chat regularly on the Marco Polo app.

“For those first eight weeks, it’s intense and super high-touch,” she says.

Once they complete the core class, students begin an eight-week mastery phase that follows a similar format to the core curriculum but with a looser, more impromptu structure. Topics focus on wealth and wellness in alternating weeks. During the mastery stage, students also get on-demand access to Self-Made U courses as well as a monthly one-on-one call.

Later, on completion of the full 16-week program, Tracy invites clients to participate in an ongoing subscription-based Channels membership to continue their learning and maintain their ties with the Self-Made U community without interruption.

I wanted a platform that allowed me to be really present so that clients would see me, be reminded of me, and feel connected to me.” –Life Coach and Marco Polo Channels Leader Tracy Pleschourt

With Channels, high retention and “extraordinary growth”

On the cusp of starting her fifth Channel, Tracy reported that Stop Overeating Fast gained the most traction of any program she offered in 2020.

“I had pretty extraordinary growth over the course of the last six months,” she says.

With Channels, Tracy sees a higher level of engagement with and among clients than she saw when using only Zoom and her Facebook group. Channels helps Tracy fulfill her promise to be high touch without taking too much of her clients’ time.

Channels created more opportunities for retention and revenue after students finished the initial course. Since Tracy added Channels, one hundred percent of participants are moving on from the intensive to the mastery stage of her program.   

In December 2020, the final course offering of the year, Tracy grossed nearly $50,000 – the same amount she generated with the first three course offerings combined.

Tracy attributes her growth to an uptick in referrals, the backbone of her business. And she traces those referrals back to the revised structure of the course and the tools she uses to support her clients, including Marco Polo Channels.  

“If you peel back the layers, I would say that’s why I had so many strong referrals. And the snowball is just going to keep growing.”

Tracy’s top Channels features

#1. No ads or algorithms means no distractions. “If you are on Facebook or even on Kajabi to seek out my courses, it can become a little complicated to find what you’re looking for.”

#2. The simplicity of the app. Tracy finds it easy to toggle among her multiple Channels; members can navigate to her content quickly and seamlessly. And the search feature makes it easy for Tracy and her clients to locate past content.

#3. Tracy can see who has watched her posts and who has not been active in a while, following up as needed to re-engage them.

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