DIY meets brand collaboration coaching on Marco Polo Channels

Meet the leader: Kelly Ballard launched CITYGIRLMEETSFARMBOY to share the joy of creating beautiful spaces on a budget. Four years later, thanks to the power of community and the magic of brand collaboration, she’s built a thriving full-time business.     Kelly’s passion: Elevating all things DIY and home décor in promotional partnership with companies from across […]


Coaching unbound: This holistic practitioner teaches from anywhere

Compassion. Peace. Love. These are the principles that guide former professional athlete turned holistic health and mindfulness practitioner Brenden Durell. For the last decade, Brenden has worked wherever his heart takes him. Bali, Hawaii, Miami, Ghana, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Uganda are just a few of the locales where he has recently alighted. For Brenden, […]


Why don’t you just sell ads?

By Laure X Cast It seems that no piece of information is too private or personal to be surveilled, monetized, and aggregated into a 360-degree view of your life. The end result of all of this is that you are no longer the customer, you’re the product.  —Tim Cook, Apple CEO Connection is everything. The […]


Building a Sober Minded Sisterhood

Meet the leader: Jenn Kautsch is a third-generation entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Sober Sis, a thriving community of women who are renegotiating their relationship with alcohol without labels, shame, judgment, or rules. Jenn’s passion: Launching and promoting new ventures and bringing people together in the process. “Personal development and growth mindset have always […]


Marco Polo Channels helped this actor, podcaster, and American Glutton share the wisdom of “failing better”

Ethan Suplee’s biggest fans know him as an actor on famed shows like My Name is Earl and Santa Clarita Diet and as a successful podcast host. Many also know of his public journey through gaining and losing weight – a lot of weight. Following every diet and fitness plan under the sun taught Ethan […]


This self-made life coach shares secrets for health and wealth through Marco Polo Channels

In 2015, stifled by the time-consuming, inflexible demands of the corporate world, Tracy Pleschourt traded in her 20-year career as an advertising executive to pursue her real passion: life and weight loss coaching. Today, through Self-Made U, Tracy mentors men and women across the United States who are motivated to achieve health and wealth. Here’s […]


Passionate, fearless, and determined: The Marco Polo team spotlights a few of our favorite women

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Marco Polo team members spent time reflecting on the women who, directly or indirectly, helped steer their course.  Heartwarmingly, many mothers and grandmothers made the list. Other figures, from pop stars to Nobel Peace Prize winners, have made a global mark by claiming their passions, making deep personal sacrifices, […]

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With Marco Polo Channels, this business strategist put a consultancy in her clients’ pockets

In her 27 years of consulting, business strategist Dr. Terri Levine has helped more than 6,000 clients in dozens of service sectors transform their businesses. Using her trademark Heart-repreneur® method, Terri teaches entrepreneurs how to scale their businesses efficiently and effectively to create an ongoing stream of qualified prospects, make a guaranteed 200% return on […]


Welcome to The Den: How this writing coach created a niche with Marco Polo Channels

After spending more than a decade raising three spirited kids, Robin Finn went back to school and earned a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology. Through that experience, she re-discovered her love of writing. She began writing essays close to her heart and her home, offering funny, irreverent, and poignant insights into parenting a son with […]