In this accounting course, connection leads to lifelong discovery

Quoc Hoang believes that as an educator, his biggest job is to connect with students beyond classroom material. That’s why the University of Alabama accounting professor always begins his graduate course, Beyond the CPA, by telling students that this class isn’t going to teach them about accounting. It’s going to teach them self-discovery by way […]


Born calling: How one mom built a community around maternal mental health support

When Aubrey Grossen set out to start a business serving new moms, she began by designing a diaper bag.  But on the cusp of submitting her first bulk manufacturing order, something pulled her back. “I had this strong impression that instead of having a product with a purpose behind it, I needed to create the […]


How Apartment Life went remote without sacrificing community

As a nonprofit working in the multifamily space, Apartment Life’s purpose is to turn residents into neighbors.  The model is simple: partner with apartment owners to create opportunities for meaningful connections among residents within their communities. The result is an increased sense of community, which is good for people and for business because if residents […]


One Year In: What You Made Possible

A Letter from Vlada & Michał Bortnik, Founders   If you’re a longtime member of the Marco Polo community, you likely remember the Big Bet we made last year, when we rolled out Marco Polo Plus, our premium subscription plan. Our intention was to start becoming a financially sustainable business, admittedly, during a very challenging year.  […]

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Why don’t you just sell ads?

By Laure X Cast It seems that no piece of information is too private or personal to be surveilled, monetized, and aggregated into a 360-degree view of your life. The end result of all of this is that you are no longer the customer, you’re the product.  —Tim Cook, Apple CEO Connection is everything. The […]


Passionate, fearless, and determined: The Marco Polo team spotlights a few of our favorite women

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Marco Polo team members spent time reflecting on the women who, directly or indirectly, helped steer their course.  Heartwarmingly, many mothers and grandmothers made the list. Other figures, from pop stars to Nobel Peace Prize winners, have made a global mark by claiming their passions, making deep personal sacrifices, […]

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