She found endurance in her back pocket

Jennifer Michelle used to think running was a grind. But as the registered dietitian for a long-term acute care hospital, Jennifer saw patients every day who were suffering from osteoporosis and other debilitating physical conditions. She knew what well-being and longevity looked like, and she had the knowledge and tools to prioritize her own. So […]

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A lifeline from the NICU

At 34 weeks pregnant with twins, Sara went to the doctor for what she thought would be a routine prenatal check. Instead, she learned that one of her babies had a condition called intrauterine growth restriction. This meant he wasn’t developing at nearly a healthy enough rate. The following day, Sara gave birth via emergency […]

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How a wellness coach healed herself and transformed her practice

Lydia Knight grew up in an impoverished home in which disorder – literal feast or famine – epitomized the family’s food environment. So the irony doesn’t escape her that after overcoming such extreme odds to build a successful health and wellness business, she found herself trapped in a cycle of food restriction, bingeing, and obsessive […]


How these musical influencers stay in tune

Peter Hollens’ career is an inspiring case study in “Do what you love – the subscribers will follow.”  Since appearing on NBC’s The Sing Off in 2010 and launching his YouTube channel in 2011, the pop vocalist, entrepreneur, and educator has harnessed his talent, marketing savvy, and collaborative proclivities, along with a deep and ever-evolving […]

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(Almost) home for the holidays

Amber Haney is preparing for a long holiday journey. She’s packing up her three kids and their two dogs – yes, the dogs are flying too – and will shepherd everyone from a family visit in Deatsville, Alabama to her home in Fairbanks, Alaska by way of Montgomery, Atlanta, and Seattle. Once in Fairbanks they’ll […]

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