Bring on the glitter: Empowering mom-owned businesses with Marco Polo Channels

Years ago, when Aria Leighty was learning to juggle her roles as young mom and business owner, she found herself looking for support – from anywhere, from anyone. Tired of not being taken seriously when she had to bring her daughter to a meeting (to name one of dozens of examples of mainstream businesses just […]


With Marco Polo Channels, this leader distills the essence of inner learning

In 2011, Leah Pearlman left a high-profile technical career at Facebook to explore a new calling: self-discovery. As she read, wrote, practiced, and made art (creating the acclaimed comic series Dharma Comics), Leah explored answers to big questions. Who or what are we? Why are we? How does life really work? What does it mean […]


The art of teaching with Marco Polo Channels

Fine artist, designer, and illustrator Amarilys Henderson has built a thriving business selling original watercolors and prints, authoring instruction books, and licensing her artwork. Like many artists, Amarilys also teaches. From her hub,, she has served upwards of 100,000 students with more than 20 different classes covering everything from selecting the right tools to painting […]


Marco Polo Channels helped this brand strategist up her profile as a best friend in business

Michelle Gifford is a living example of the power of branding. Her company, Michelle Gifford Creative, helps everyone from established influencers to emerging “momtrepreneurs” build their businesses, capture new audiences, and extend their reach. Like many of her clients and followers, Michelle is also a mom, running a busy company while staying at home with […]


Introducing Marco Polo Channels

We’re excited to share our latest venture, built on the trusted Marco Polo experience, to give coaches – from business experts to sleep trainers to chefs to life coaches – a new way to grow their businesses by creating a personalized, hassle-free way to connect with clients. Introducing Marco Polo Channels. With more than 3 […]

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The Evolution of Marco Polo

Today, we’re asking our community to join us on our journey to a sustainable future.  We’re making big changes to the app including launching a paid membership plan – Marco Polo Plus. This will allow us to keep Marco Polo running, so that we can continue to help nurture your closest relationships for decades to […]

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Can Marco Polo help people feel happier? Our new research suggests yes.

When you’re physically separated from the people who matter most to you, can the technology you use to communicate make you feel closer – and even help you feel happier? Marco Polo’s Co-founder and CEO, Vlada Bortnik, thought that it could.  “Human connection is critical, particularly as physical distance becomes an increasing reality,” Vlada said.  […]

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