Introducing Plus Family, the easiest way to share Marco Polo Plus

During the rollout of Marco Polo Plus, we received passionate, insightful feedback from members of our community about the features you’re loving – like enhanced speed controls, Scratchpad, and Polos in HD. 

You also told us, resoundingly, that you wanted an easy, affordable way to use Marco Polo Plus with even more of the people who mean the most to you. 

Here are just a few of the comments we received from folks who love Marco Polo but wanted a better way to share Plus: 

~Honestly we love Marco Polo and we’re willing to chip in for the additional features, but could there be some sort of family plan? We have all our family members on Marco Polo and it adds up quickly!


~Whereas I might be able to afford a subscription, other members of my family may not…


~I’m cool with $5 a month mainly because it’s been an amazing way to allow my parents, kids, grandkids etc. etc. to all be able to communicate during this crazy time. The fact that you’re not forcing us to watch freaking advertisements is also amazing. You need to make money to keep this going so I get that. Thing is, maybe you need to offer family plans that don’t force regional location…

We loved this feedback, and we learned from it. We learned that you want to share Marco Polo Plus with your people. That those of you in a position to afford a premium membership plan want to spread the love to others who can’t swing the cost right now. And, you don’t want restrictions.  

We listened. And we’re so excited to introduce Plus Family, a way to save more while using our best version yet.

The best way to save while you share

Plus Family is simple: 

  • The annual membership costs $119.99 per year. 
  • One person, the Marco Polo Plus Family account holder, can invite five additional friends and family members – an opportunity to easily be generous with the people closest to you. 
  • That’s six Plus accounts for just $20 per person per year – one-third the cost of an individual annual subscription! 

Who defines family? You do.

With Plus Family, the account holder can share five annual subscriptions with any of their contacts on Marco Polo. 

That’s anyone. Unlike other subscription apps with family plans, you define your Marco Polo family, not us – like these LA Friends, this Air Force officer and his siblings, or this breast cancer survivor

Plus Family is about nurturing your close connections, whether or not they’re part of your household, your biological family, or your data plan. No limits!

Choose the right option for you

If Plus and Plus Family aren’t a fit for you, the free version of Marco Polo remains a wonderful way to stay in touch across time and distance. 

If you’re already a Plus subscriber and want to switch to Plus Family, upgrading your membership is easy. Your subscription is prorated, so you’ll only pay the difference. 

To upgrade, head into the Marco Polo app and tap Settings > Plus Subscription > Manage Subscription, then update your subscription preference.*

Our loyal supporters and early adopters are making it possible for us to fulfill our commitment to be sustainable without selling your data or showing ads. And we are so grateful for all of you.

Thank you, from all of us at Marco Polo!


*Terms and conditions apply. Offer subject to change.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Plus Family, the easiest way to share Marco Polo Plus

  1. Have you thought about a menu approach to subscription? The thing I miss the most about the original version is that I could record a Polo and share it to multiple people or groups, so I didnt have to record 10 videos. I have family groups, friend groups and individuals who Polo with me. I would gladly pay to add that feature to my free version.

    1. Hi Francy – Are you referring to the ability to forward a Polo, or are you saying that your groups are no longer working now that you have Plus? Just want to make sure I capture your suggestion correctly for our product team.

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